What always seems to be the biggest waiting time of the year, is going by the fastest it has ever went for me. This off season has been very crazy for me so far, but going well at the same time. I have been staying active every week on The Program to stay in shape as now it is way too cold to ride up North here in New Jersey. The only thing we can do is train in the gym at this time of the year. Unless you have a snowmobile...which I don't.  It feels like just yesterday we were saying goodbye to everyone at Soaring Eagle and now I'm only about three weeks away from my departure down at the Ford family's facility for training.

As many of you know, I have made the switch over to a Honda for 2017. Since the ATV Pro Challenge, it was clear and confirmed that I would make the switch because of the results I had with not a whole lot of time on that quad. Since that race, I have been cycling out my Yamaha quads and parts with Honda quads and parts. This is a big change for me and my team. I love big changes like this and always have because it keeps it interesting. I also strongly believe that growth is not possible without change. This is the next big step for me in my career. That being said, I have had my practice and race bikes torn down to their frames and sent out to my awesome guys at Walsh Racecraft for welding and powder coating, and receiving parts every week for the bikes. I can not really assemble my machines until I have everything but my final parts will arrive this week, as well as my motors will be back from Baldwin Motorsports.

In the next few weeks I will need to have my practice quads built before I head south. My mechanic Tracey Gennusa and I definitely have our work cut out for us. Another big change to my team for 2017 is that I have brought on a GennUSA Racing team rider, Gage Scaletti. Gage will be coming down to Texas with me to train in the off season. He will also be racing a Trx450. We are not positive yet on what class he will race, but he will be ready regardless. Gage is a young kid with a lot of talent and I am looking forward to riding with him every week and helping him grow on and off the track. 2017 is a huge change for GennUSA Racing all around but we are looking forward to it. The machines I am building are starting to look really awesome and I cannot wait to release some more pics to the public.

I will always go with the Red White and Blue theme under GennUSA Racing, but I need to be honest I think these are the best looking bikes I have built yet, lol. I am beyond excited more than I have ever been to get the season started. I think the different is just simply the big switch to a Honda. Thank you to the Ford Family and Rich Gilette for the upcoming support for 2017. It means the world to my team and myself. I'll see you on the gate at Daytona
Our championship race took place in Michigan at the popular Soaring Eagle Resort & Casino! Yes, they build a track in the back yard of a giant casino! I felt absolutely great coming into the weekend. I qualified 5th and were running about a second or so off of the top qualifiers. In the first moto, I had a mid-pack start, I came over one of the first jumps that went right into a turn and came into contact with another rider that was stalled and had to get off my quad to get un-tangled. I started in last and made it all the way to 6th! During the second moto, we all came into the first turn HOT, unfortunately there was a pile up in the first turn with 5 riders and I was right in the middle of it. Once we got all of our quads un-tangled and running again, I started about 25 seconds down from last place which really hurt me. I charged the entire moto and made it to 8th. The cards weren't in my favor on this race day with a 7th overall considering how great I was feeling. The good news is I beat the riders I needed to beat that were ahead of me in points and I finished out the year in 5th in points in Pro!! Thank you HK for a great season. I honestly could not have done it without you guys. Thank you also to Tracey Gennusa for everything you do for me. He is the real key behind my success these past two years. We are making changes to our program next year and I'm looking forward to the off season so I can recharge my mind and my body for what will be an upcoming positive race season.
Round 5 High Point High Point Raceway Mount Morris, PA May 21 - May 22, 2016

Not the best luck yesterday. I had a great qualifier with a 5th, and finished 6th in the first moto. Second moto I had a mechanical issue within the first lap, forcing me to roll around the rest of the race. This was not where I wanted to be at all, but I am coming back super hungry at Alabama. I want a podium!! You brush it off and you come back. Defeat is the secret ingredient to success. Ken Hill with the shot
Round 4 Ironman Ironman Raceway Crawfordsville, IN May 7 - May 8, 2016  

Round 4 of ATV motocross I would say has been my best race yet. I qualified my personal best of 3rd. Unfortunately Mother Nature wasn't on our side the first moto. My mechanic Tracey Gennusa was on his game as far as preparing my mud set up, goggles, taping around the Airbox and radiator. We raced right after it rained so the mud was sticking and was super heavy! I took off about 9th and made it to 7th that moto. The second moto was a different story all together. The rained stopped, the track was dry and more my style! I took off in 3rd and ran 3rd for 2 laps. At one point I was in 2nd place. Super excited and a lot of adrenaline was going through me. I got passed and went back to 3rd and a few laps later I got passed by our series champion and went to 4th and stayed there to finish out the moto in 4th. My results were a 7th and 4th for a 5th overall. This was a huge stepping stone for me and was a great experience running up front with the best guys in the world. Tracey and I worked great together and we are putting it all together slowly. My father was a huge help over the weekend and I could not do it without him either. I big thank you to HK Truck Center for their help this year. We are getting closer to the top and I feel a top 3 podium finish coming shortly! - Nick Gennusa
Round 3 Muddy Creek Muddy Creek Raceway Blountville, TN April 23 - April 24, 2016

Round 3 of the ATV Motocross series took place at Muddy Creek, in Blountville, Tennessee. I have raced at this track many times and believe this was my 8th year racing here. I was not super happy with the track this year, as far as the grooming with very little room to pass other riders. At the end of the day, we all had to race on the same track and I worked with what I had to work with. I had two top 10 holeshots which was a great stepping stone for me. The first race I finished 8th and was not happy with my that at all. I went back to the motorhome and thought about different lines I could try and other things that may have worked better. The second race I came out of the gate awesome but the front end started to come up and I had to pull in the clutch a bit to get it to come down. I took off about 8th and worked my way to 6th. I got the bad end of the stick on my overall finish with an 8th and a 6th for an 8th overall! Very rare that happens but it all depends on what places everybody finishes in front of me. A good positive point that my mechanic Tracey Gennusa pointed out to me was that my laptimes were not too far off of the top guys. It really comes down to good holeshots at this point and that is the next step to finishing up front, because starting out front from the beginning makes it a lot easier. Tracey came out and was a huge help with quick changes to the bike when I needed them and was on top of everything making sure I had fuel, water, my gear ready and much more. We are learning a lot together and understand each other on and off the track tremendously. A big thank you to HK Truck Center for making Tracey's appearances possible and for their support over the past year and a half! *On a side note, I cannot thank my father Andrew Gennusa enough for everything he has done and continues to do for me AND with me since he taught me how to ride at just 2 1/2 years old! He's at every race no matter what and doesn't stop doing, cleaning, fixing, prepping, analyzing, motivating, grilling food and being there for me in ways I never knew existed. He is by far the toughest but most loving man I am honored to call my "Dad." Words cannot express what he means to me. #GennUSARacing
~Nick Gennusa
Round 2 Underground Underground MX Park Kemp, TX April 9 - April 10

We have had a one month break after Daytona. I went back to Texas, rode a lot more and trained even harder. I would say it was well worth it. In motocross, races are started behind a gate. When the card goes sideways, it's 3-5 seconds then the racers take off. For Pros, the gate drop is 5-10 seconds long. When the card went sideways for us, I would say along with others that agreed, that it dropped at 3 seconds which was way too soon. Myself and a few others were not ready for that. I came out far out of the top 10 and made it all the way to 7th right behind 6th. In between the races, it started to rain and continued to rain during our second race. I took off much better the second time, but I lost my seat in the second turn! I was thinking to myself , "this is going to be a long race ". I rode super hard, and stood up the whole time. At one point I had to take my goggles off because I couldn't see after I ran out of tear-offs. I ended up getting 5th in that race, almost 4th! With a 7th and a 5th I got 6th overall. I was happy because I feel like we made a lot of improvements on and off the track. Tracey Gennusa was on top of his game of course keeping me ready to go and being prepared at all times. A big thank you to HK truck center for their support for this season as we are getting closer to the front of the Pro pack. That's where I want to be and that's where I belong.   ~Nick Gennusa #15
Daytona ATV Supercross 
Daytona International Speedway Daytona, FL 8 April, 2016
What always seems like a long off season felt like the total opposite this year. This first round in Daytona came really fast! I got down to Texas late January, and have been preparing for Daytona since. We raced this past week at the inaugural Daytona International Speedway. In qualifying, I got 6th. Daytona is set up like Supercross so they split us in half with two heats, an LCQ, and a Main Event. I didn't get a great start. I took off far back but made lots of passes very quickly. I then took 3rd in my heat. For the main event, I feel like I made a bad gate choice and did not get a great start there as I took off in about 14th. The track was now a lot rougher and harder to pass because it was down to one line in most places. I ended up making it to 6th place and finished there. I was not thrilled with my finish, but I have to look at the bright side: There are 11 more races to redeem myself and I walked out of there safe! My mechanic Tracey Gennusa and myself worked well together all weekend. We have more things we will be working on in between this past race and Texas to improve our results. I know what I am capable of, but I do know that consistency pays off long term. I was really happy that Hank Knabe was in Daytona and took his time to come and watch not only what I do, but what my entire race team and true support system does as a whole. I think that he saw a completely different side of myself and the sport and I hope he enjoyed watching me! Thank you to HK Truck Center for their continued support for my 2016 race season! ~Nick Gennusa #15